How to get your COVID-19 vaccine

When it is your time to have the COVID-19 vaccine, you will be contacted by either text message or letter inviting you to book your appointment. There are two options to book your COVID-19 vaccination; either through the Salford NHS Vaccination Service or the national booking system. To find out when you are eligible for the vaccine, and for details of walk-in clinics, go to

The first dose of COVID-19 vaccine offers good levels of protection, but to get maximum protection from COVID-19, everyone will need to get a second dose. If you have had your first dose through the Salford NHS Vaccination Service, you will be contacted by text or letter with your second appointment. If you do not receive this by the end of your 12th week, contact the call centre on 0800 953 0116. If you have booked through the national booking system, you should have been prompted to book your second appointment at the same time you arranged your first.